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Fra Didaka Buntića 14.
88220 Široki Brijeg






Dinamic, flexible, proactive and agile office, which aims for the West Herzegovina Canton to be the leader in the development and European integration processes.


Creating stimulative environment for the effective fulfilment of the obligations which apear before the West Herzegovina Canton in the European integration processes; establishing the effective system of planning and management of the development and establishing the proactive international and trans-border cooperation.


To ensure the efficient coordination, on all levels, in implementation of strategic development as well as the European integration processes in the West Herzegovina Canton, which includes public, private, non-government sector and academic community.
To strengthen the absorbtion capacities for implementation of projects of the development in the West Herzegovina Canton.
To encourage new development iniciatives through preparation and implementation of projects.
To promote the West Herzegovina Canton on local and international levels.

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