Tel: +387 39 703-100
Fax: +387 39 852-233

Fra Didaka Buntića 14.
88220 Široki Brijeg


Office for European Integration of the Government of West Herzegovina Canton

Fra Didaka Buntića 14
88220 Široki Brijeg

Tel: +387 39 703-100
Fax: +387 39 852-233


Our team:

Ivan Jurilj

Director of Government Office for European Integration for the West Herzegovina Canton

Ana Soldo

Assistant Director for Development and General Affairs

Ljubica Vranjković

Assistant Director for European Integration

dr. sc. Martina Planinić

Expert Advisor for Promotion and Public Relations

Ivana Ćorić

Senior Officer for Administrative and Operational-Technical Affairs

Ivana Pešorda

Senior Professional Associate for Development

Renata Kolobarić

Professional Associate for Financial and Material Affairs

Lucija Kvesić

Expert Advisor for Legal Affairs

Katarina Jurić

Senior Professional Associate for European Integration

Josipa Ćosić

Professional Associate for European Integration

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